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There's No Way, Chapter 58 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 58 (critique requested)


I'm sorry that I didn't upload this last Sunday. I was rather busy and never got around to doing it. Then, for the next few days, one of my cats became needy and demanded that I allow him to lay in my lap which made it all but impossible for me to type. Everything seems to be okay now and I'm finally able to do the upload. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

The day has finally arrived. Michelle and Albert are getting married. They have chosen to have what is known as the "Modern Traditional Ceremony". In this ceremony, the groom and his best man "kidnap" the bride and take her to the best man's home where she spends the night. During the ceremony, the father of the bride issues a challenge to the groom to make sure he's fit to be the husband of the bride.