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There's No Way, Chapter 53 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 53 (critique requested)


Mr. Weaselton leaves with the copy of the contract that he had initially brought to Michael. After he leaves, Michael receives a telephone call from the Legal Department. After answering a few questions, he is visited by Mr. Daniel Fedorenta, an eastern spotted skunk. Michael and Mr. Fedorenta discuss the contract and Michael's experience with Mr. Weaselton in the courtroom. After leaving a copy of the original contract with Michael, Mr. Fedorenta leaves while Michael thinks about what Mr. Weaselton had said to him. Later, at lunch, Albert arrives at Michael's office with a contraband copy of the original contract. He's shocked to learn that Mr. Reynard's personal lawyer was used to exchange the contracts. After a short, rather humorous exchange concerning Michelle, they parted ways and Michael went home to get ready to spend the night with Amanda at the hospital. Michael reads a little to Amanda before she falls asleep and he sees someone he never expected to see, Ophelia Fuchs. Michael and Ophelia talk for several minutes and she never once makes accusations against him nor does she raise her voice or call him names. Finally, she leaves leaving a very confused human in her wake.