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There's No Way, Chapter 50 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 50 (critique requested)


Amanda's coma comes to an end. She is slowly awakened with the doctor on duty taking it slowly to ensure that she isn't injured mentally or physically by the process. After awakening, Amanda has difficulty speaking although the difficulty slowly dissipates the longer she's awake and the more she talks. Ophelia and Jacob are in the hospital as the awakening occurs. Ophelia makes her usual promise to keep "that human" away from Amanda despite Amanda's vehement demands to the contrary. The following morning, Reginald Reynard, Senior arrives just as Michael is kissing Amanda goodbye for the day. Reginald, Senior turns out to be more bigoted than Ophelia. Michael reminds him that, as a member of a protected species and a "national treasure", Senior can't do anything to cause physical harm to him.