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Michael and Amanda, Chapter 37 by MviluUatusun

Michael and Amanda, Chapter 37


I'm sorry that it's taken so long to upload a new chapter. I took on a couple of other projects that interfered with my writing time. With that said, here is Chapter 37 of "Michael and Amanda".

In this chapter, Mr. Ingwe makes good on his promise to take Michael and Amanda to the gun range so Michael can test fire Mr. Ingwe's pistol. Since Amanda had never fired a firearm before, Michael gives her a few instructions on proper firearms usage. Unfortunately for Amanda, she forgets a very important instruction and almost causes a tragedy. Michael averts the tragedy and reiterates the most important of his instructions.

After leaving the gun range, Michael takes Amanda back home where Amanda finds a card he's sent to her.

Brina the opossum appears thanks to the courtesy of ThaPig ( because he helped me with a semi-contest to assist me in giving different names to "modern" names for cities, states, countries, etc.