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Michael and Amanda, Chapter 29 by MviluUatusun

Michael and Amanda, Chapter 29


Originally, this chapter was the last half of Chapter 28. However, when I was planning on uploading Chapter 28, it was 18 pages long so I split the chapter in half. As a result of this, I realized that this chapter could stand alone on its own merit.

Later on Friday, Michael and Amanda return to the Convention Center to meet up with and have dinner with Zig Zag, Sheila, and Sabrina. They decide to visit "The Golden Panda" where, during a conversation with Jinse Xiongmao, Michael learns a secret about him.

After "The Golden Panda" closes for the night, everyone visits "The Caribou" bar. Shortly after arriving, they are accosted by a drunk who recognizes Zig Zag and starts to cause trouble.