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There's No Way, Chapter 1 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

There's No Way, Chapter 1 (critique requested)


It's 20,000 years later. Michael is still in stasis and in the care of two doctors, Drs. Leo and Tigresa Panthera, who are attempting to find a cure for the HEV. After almost 20 years of trying, they finally believe they've got the cure. After injecting the serum into the blood aerator, they leave to give the serum a chance to work. Dr. Leo informs the Research Director, Mrs. Tamara Tilacino, of the newest therapy they've developed to, hopefully, cure Michael's virus.

Meanwhile, Amanda Fuchs arrives at SoGa Industries to apply for a job. She meets the local womanizer, Albert Rooikat, and is not impressed with him, even a little bit, although he's very impressed with her. Amanda impresses the Personnel Manager, Dana Impisi, sufficiently that she's offered a job as the personal secretary of the President of the company.