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The Nashthykoo by MviluUatusun

The Nashthykoo


2 March 2019 at 16:41:42 MST

This is a drawing of a nashthykoo. It is a creature described in my story "Marooned on Tashoo" from a dream the protagonist, William Watson (Mvilu Uatusun), has. The body of the animal is similar in size and shape to a horse's, but the head is similar to a crocodile's with multifaceted eyes similar to a bee's eyes, that cover about one-quarter of the head. The facets of the eyes are jade green. The size and shape of the teeth indicate that the animal is either herbivorous or omnivorous. It has ears not unlike a donkey's ears situated just behind the eyes. It has eight legs with two sets of forelegs and two sets of hind legs. It has equine hooves and the tail is about one-third as long as the body and hairless, reminiscent to a rat's. The ears are similar to a mules being somewhat long and thin. The body is covered with curly rust brown fur. Like the tail, the head is hairless and scaly. The nashthykoo is omnivorous, friendly and highly intelligent. It is domesticated and is used as a method of transportation like a horse.

This drawing was done for me by BoneSmirk ( She has a wonderful knack of drawing feral animals that look like you could reach out, touch them and feel their body heat as well as seeing them breathe. I want to thank her for doing this drawing for me.

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