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Allright decided to update my info but I have a furaffinity same name as on here and I might have found someone to help me with my art so that's good but again for those of you who are new to me maybe keep an eye on my and if your wondering why my name is MuzTheWingless its one of my thought up characters named Muzhestvo or muz for short a wingless dragon in a town of nothing but dragons winged dragons none wingless Muz is the only one but ill update when I'm good at art

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main scalesona reference

Name: Muzhestvo, (Muz for short.) Species: western dragon. appearance: Horns: two long pointed horns about 9 inches long in anthro, 1 foot 3 inches in feral. has lots of small spikes starting from his head and ending at the top spike of his mace tail. Speaking of, he has a mace tail with 5 spikes, one on top of the ball, one on the bottom, one on each side of the ball, and one on the end of it. Digitigrade Legs. Claws: 3 inches retractable claws on his hands, (7 inch non retractable on both front and back paws for feral) and 5 inch non retractable claws on his feet, Colors: red with a dark red underbelly. Underbelly: armor like scales stronger than other scales. Markings: a stick figure like icy blue colored layout of his skeleton on his back ending at his neck, mace tail, wrists and ankles, it follows his spine, arms, legs, tail, and ribcage. Wings: just little nubs with a bit of membrane on them. Facial appearance: eyes: dark red with a nictitating membrane to protect his eyes from dust and other small debris and also water when fishing. Eyebrows: 3 small 2 inch spikes on each brow, (5 4 inch on each brow for feral.) Snout: he has a long snout about 8 inches long (1 foot 1 inch in feral) getting slowly narrower as you go down. Nose: a typical reptilian nose, just two small holes at the end of his snout. Ears: just two small holes under his horns. Height: 7 feet 3 inches, (11 feet 7 inches feral.) Weight: 234 lbs, (1316 lbs feral.) Personality: doesn't smile much, is always serious, puts others safety above his own, never leaves anyone behind, left handed. Powers: has had years of training in magic, can use fire, ice, water, restoration, and illusion magic, can create wings using ice and water magic, ice for bones and water for membrane, and can alter the size for better speed, turning, height, or flight time. Weapons training: has had 5 years of sword training, and has had 2 months of bow training.

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