Krypton's Reference Sheet V6 by Mustardderg

Krypton's Reference Sheet V6


14 November 2020 at 16:52:23 MST

Oh heck Kryp's shiny new ref is done! I was originally just going to redo the anthro, but what the heck I decided to redo almost everything and get rid of unneccisary fluff and do some consolidation. Krypton's core design hasn't changed, but I did update some sizing. His anthro form is more akin to my IRL height and his feral wingspan has gotten a bit longer. I'm pretty happy with the finished result, but have some minor tweaks to do later. Nothing that's going to change the design or use of the ref though.
Version 6 release history:
6.0.0 - Initial Release (091620)

Krypton, art (c) me