Pinup: Asiowe Hekaet by muse-of-eggs

Pinup: Asiowe Hekaet


15 July 2016 at 03:13:10 MDT

As you sit down across from her you feel yourself grow self conscious. Her normally cool gaze is suddenly smoldering, as if there is a flaming arrow hidden in the coal black depths of her overtly round pupils, and it’s trajectory is landing on all of your sins as of late.

“W-well, I think I um. Should get going,” you clear your throat, restraightening your tie. She smiles sweetly, and from her dainty lips your body incites a spawning of cold sweat acrossed your shoulders– you said you were going to leave, yet your legs do nothing and your eyes can only watch her like a frightened deer. Her laughter only adds to the reaction, but you manage to stutter out your confusion. “What? Wh-what is so funny?”

She cants her head to the side, her hair pristine despite the acts you were nearly trying earlier. “Hmmm… Just… I recalll you have beeen most traitorous to our Company, Messsire. How you seeem to think you shalll leave here alive… Or conscious, that amuses me e’er so much.”

You move to stand now, finally seeming to unlock neural access to your musculature, but it is too late.

Her eyes and the objects in her hand are the last things you remember before the sting.

AN: SOOOO I streamed tonight, and this was the 5 hour result. Asiowe Hekaet, ladies and gentleman, at a pinup moment! I hope y’all enjoy. Also I set this pin-up as PG13, I think that should be fine.

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