Echoes in the Fog by Muri

Do you believe in ghosts?
Lonely echoes in fog,
That hope for a shoulder to touch.
I know memories all one day
Will melt into sand,
But echoes of lives aren't enough.

Maybe memories are all we can keep,
And our memories are clearest
Where our hearts beat the loudest --
So for these souls, they'd be oceans of fear.
Maybe that's why I strain deep in the night,
Even when there is nothing to hear.
Would they stay if they knew I was here?

Am I so weak, just 'cause it stings?
Is compassion a trap, so you'll laugh
'Til there's tears in your eyes?
Would you climb on an angel's wings
If you found out that it also cries?
Would you laugh, if love finally dies?

Do you imagine the day that you'll die?
Surrounded by family,
Lovers to battle the pain.
Outside the windows,
In a far-off goodbye,
It barely resembles the same.

In nightmares, they ring out from the mist.
In anguish and panic, the bottom of black --
Even drowning in poison and sorrow, they defy,
'Til they see they could never get clear.
Holding each other, they sputter and cry,
But they don't merely die,
The world just forgets that they're here.

Hiding away in the dark,
Sometimes buried under the dirt,
I guess in some ways to you,
They were just like ghosts all along.
Crushed under heels and thrown under the dust,
Like their heads just aren't worthy or strong.
If they could look just -- or talk just like you,
Would that be what makes it wrong?

Oh, does this world belong to you, too?
Some men called it "destiny,"
To claim more and more,
And they still do today, every day.
Those men's families, and their merry sons,
Took the forests, the meadows and shores --
Where many lives glowed, most were taken away,
And you cheered out as if you'd won wars.
Like they were begging for mercy of death,
By being on all fours.

Their children are alive and awake,
So what will it take,
To just get you to back the fuck off?
Is there even an answer --
Is there such a thing as "enough"?
Could they fall out from here straight to hell,
And still having you cursing their ways?
And would you expect the Earth
To stretch on 'til the end of all days?
Would even that be enough?

I'm tired far beyond my years,
But I know not to jump in death's arms.
Still I wonder, when I hear the echoes,
If I'm foolish, resisting its charms.
When you have killed all that's beauty to me,
I'll wish I'd ran into its arms.

But when my own heart pounds loudly enough
To penetrate the thin veiling fog,
I whisper inside to them:

Live again in me.
Let my arms be yours.
And I'll carry your anger, your pain, and your fear.
We'll fight back for all of our scores,
Hold them down by their arms 'til they'll hear.
We won't settle for one-sided wars.
We'll unlock the doors, of our cages,
Our minds and our hearts.

Death has claimed you for years,
But I still can't give up on you yet.
I'll show you the way --
Maybe if we have the will,
We can wield it and win against death!
The love and the pleasure,
We can never forget.
We'll fight with fury,
To ensure we live on,
Even when we no longer have breath.

Live again in me.
I'll become you, too.
Just live again in me, please,
And I promise I will feel through you.
The way that I already do.

You hang in the air, a heavy, thick fog,
Heavy enough that I feel,
The weight hard on my chest.
But fog will always settle into dew,
And true, you deserve the rest.

Live again in me,
And I'll live through you.
Live again through me.
I'll always live on for you.

I'll be the echo of you.

Echoes in the Fog


27 April 2017 at 23:50:50 MDT

This ended up way longer than I originally meant it to be, but I'm not sure I should trim more from it. I'm thinking of it now more like a song than a regular poem, but haven't thought of a tune to it yet.

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