Business Manager in a Barn Chapter 08 by Munkus69

Business Manager in a Barn Chapter 08

Chapter 08 for

Author's note:

I am sorry but I am not sure if I am allowed to display the normal chapter 08 here on this website.
There is a graphic and explicit display of Ben fantasizing about sex with Tom and I am really not sure if I am allowed to post that here since it is not furry art and does not contain a furry in the scene.
The full version is available on my patreon account:
Again: Terribly sorry about this :(

Since the boys are getting things heated up, I fear I will have to change quite a few chapters from now on into SFW versions.
Sorry. :(

Chapter 08 (SFW)

Ben lay in bed shortly after Tom had left. But there was no thought of sleep. Instead, his mind circled back to the fascinating man that he had met today. Back to those brown eyes that had ensnared him, the face that had lit up when he heard about the possibility of following this secret plan. To those tempting looking lips that had looked so kissable. He wondered what it would feel like to taste them, slide his tongue between them and conquer that mouth. Feel the stubble of beard under his hands when he caressed those cheeks with his fingers.
His imagination carried him away to more and more interesting scenarios. Things that he could do with the other man and that so far he had only seen in videos or read about in books. How would it feel to do them with him?

Swallowing hard, Ben turned from side to side in his bed, desperately trying to seek sleep. But sleep did unfortunately stay as far away as the stars in the night.

Business Manager in a Barn Chapter 08


5 May 2018 at 10:21:23 MDT

A SFW version of the normal Chapter 08.
As can be seen in the author's note at the beginning, I am not sure if I can display human only explicit sexual content here.
It is a furry site after all. :/

I do not wish to violate the rules of the site by posting human male x human male explicit here, therefore I have changed the chapter into a shortened SFW version. I will have to change a few more chapters into SFW here and kick out the content when the boys are getting sexually involved and they are, believe me. I am sorry about this but I really hope that you understand me playing it safe here for I would wish to produce more furry content and not be thrown off the page for posting things lightly.

However, if you would like the full experience of the "Business Manager in a Barn" story, please check out my patreon website.

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