Business Manager in a Barn Chapter 06 by Munkus69 (critique requested)

Business Manager in a Barn Chapter 06

The vet showed up the following day around the evening. He checked the horses from head to hoof and found that yes, they were not purebred Percheron horses. They were mixes of Percheron and something the vet could only guess about.

“Your grandfather tried to make his own breed. And from what that last one looks of that Buttercup-whats-her-name, he was on his way.”

“Fluffy. Her name is Fluffy.” Ben sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “So are they all present and good?”

“Yes they are. But there will be a bit of a commotion coming up. That Fluffy is going to be in heat soon. Right now there are early signs of it so don’t be surprised if she is going to be a little nuts for a few days. And Lion’s Tooth, that gelding of yours is probably going to make a fuss too. He has been castrated a little too late so he will still feel the urge. For the next few days I would recommend not riding Fluffy if you do not want any unexpected visits of Lion’s Tooth. Horses have no shame when it comes to a mare in heat, he will mount her no matter if you sit on it or not.”

“Thanks for the warning. So this breeding, is there something in it?”

“Well… sort of. If you do come up with a new breed, you can start your own stud farm of course. Name it, register it, make money. But it also takes a lot of time and money till you get so far. But I guess breeding horses is a lot better than any city job. More relaxing anyway.”

Nodding, Ben shook the vet’s hand and took a business card from him before he went to feed the horses.

Business Manager in a Barn Chapter 06 (critique requested)


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