'Onward' by MunchyPaws



4 April 2016 at 22:48:13 MDT

To me, no love is more precious, more wonderful...
Than the one of a dog.

And Caitlin was wonderful.

Her passing made me realized how much she's done for me...
And that she'd want me to continue pushing myself with my craft.
And become the best person I can be, and push myself with my limitations.

My wolf sis was there for me for both Caitlin and Abigail (the previous dog before Caitlin)...
And she knew how much Caitlin made a positive impact in my life.

So, she finally got around to finishing this <3

The lyrics in this picture are off of a song from Avenged Sevenfold.
'Danger Line''s one of my personal favorites off of the 'Nightmare' album.
I connected more emotionally with this song because of Caitlin. As we were going to the vet, I had this song looping over and over again as I held her in our last moments together.

And now I listen to this song with a smile in my heart.

Caity, wherever you are...
Thank you so much for being the best dog in the world <3

Characters © MunchyPaws & Caitlin
Art © LabradoriteWolf ( http://labradoritewolf.deviantart.com/ )