'Ravenclaw Elite' by MunchyPaws

'Ravenclaw Elite'


16 March 2016 at 13:28:29 MDT

Back in middle school, I used to sit next to this kid on the school bus.
In his hands, he was reading 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'.

I was curious that someone of his age was reading a book like this.
I recalled purchasing the book with my parents the weekend prior, and I didn't think twice of reading it.
To me, I'm not the biggest reader by any standards.
But I decided to bring the book with me on the bus, and read next to him.

Over time, he noticed the similar interest in my hands, and we soon started to talk.
Got competitive of reading the books (at this time, there was at least the first 2/3 books that were already out).
Wanted to make a fanfiction that dealt with dark wizards, and Harry Potter chasing away from a volcano wave on a carpet (try and figure that one out haha).
And eventually asked my help of how to beat Voldemort on the PC game of the same title.

Little did I know that this kid...
Ends up being my best friend.
And we still are... for (at least) the last 15 years.

Harry Potter struck a chord with me.
I recently re-watched all the films...
And it opened my mind to the imaginary world that J. K. Rowling made.
And now I'm wanting to re-read all the books.

Because of how much it made me smile.

I thank Rowling...
Not only because did it connect me with a world that I was big into as a kid,
But it also connected me with an awesome friend that I still have today <3

Big thanks to Crazdude for making this wonderful badge :3
Very sweet, professional, derpy artist x3
Be sure to go and check her out :3
And get something from her; she's worth your attention :B

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