'Pup's Costume Party' by MunchyPaws

'Pup's Costume Party'


25 July 2015 at 11:00:28 MDT

"... This is a scene in which the wolf took her ‘little brother’ to a stage along with a lot of costumes o3o
So it became a costume party X3
Pup enjoys himself, while Wolfy is a bit unsure about the few costumes she had to wear :P " (Wolf Sis)

A gift my wolf sister did for me a couple years ago for my birthday ^^

Characters © MunchyPaws & LabradoriteWolf
Art © LabradoriteWolf ( http://labradoritewolf.deviantart.com/ )

Yoshi, Pokémon Trainer, Arcanine, Link, Gabumon, and Felldoh © To Their Respective Owners

( Original: http://labradoritewolf.deviantart.com/art/Pup-s-Costume-Party-380333681 )