'MunchN'Crunch' Production - Business Cards by MunchyPaws

'MunchN'Crunch' Production - Business Cards


26 June 2015 at 15:36:00 MDT

They are finally done!

My business card for 'MunchN'Crunch Production'! I focus on audio editing/mixing/mastering, music composing, and I'm also a instrumentalist/vocalist for hire.

I thank my friend Shangs, as well as some of my closer friends, for their critiques on the card as it was getting developed.

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More content/info will be added onto my site soon as it develops.
I will have these cards on me if any local furs in Ohio would like one. I'll also have these with me at Anthrocon as well!!

Character © MunchyPaws
Illustrations © Temiree ( http://temiree.deviantart.com/ )