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Hey, I'm Munch. I've got an eclectic variety of interests. Mostly I'm an aspiring artist and animator, a stoner, and a gamer. I love to chat, though I can be pretty shy, you'll have to bear with me.
I am open for commissions! Check my prices in the Commission Info tab! If you have any questions, want a type of commission that isn't listed, or want a commission, or whatever... feel free to shoot me a note!

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Commissions! [Open]

Hey guys, As always I'm broke af and desperate for a little money to help get my life started haha
You can check out my commission info tab, or look below to see what I'm offering at the moment!

Here's the basics;

Flatcolour Icons; $6 (+$4 for couples)

Simple Headshot (Shaded or flatcolour); $8

Fullbody Coloured Sketch W/Simple BG (Shaded or flatcolour); $10

Fullbody Lined W/Simple BG (Shaded or flatcolour); $15

Sorry for some of the old examples, but feel free to browse my gallery if you wanna see a lil more!
Note me or comment below if you're at all interested... and if you're interested in something not listed here, feel free to ask me about it!

Any support is so greatly appreciated!! <3

Sorry for the FA links!

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    Thanks for the Follow ^^

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    Love your sona and I am assuming it's your art!


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      ohmyGOSH thank you so much! ; w ; <33 It is! haha

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        If you keep on posting imma keep faving xDD ; w ; I'm so jelly of your skills! <3

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          ooomg you're way too kind haha u//w//u <3 Just made my account so I'm making up for lost time :p

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            Nuuuuu ^^" but I looovveee your art, you serserve all the lubs and faves xD And I made my account last november but only now just started using it.

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              Haha I had an account made from way back but the username wasn't what I wanted anymore x3
              Welcome back to weasyl~ :p
              (And thank you for being so nice omg??)

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                Same that'swhy I made this one. xDD

                And Your welcome I suppose! Just being myself helping ya out and loving your stuffs!! ^-^