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IN UNIFORM by Mr_Zelox_Quo



Had a bit of fun in the last artwork. Drew myself in a uniform. Kinda wanted to do it again.

Searched for a while, and then found someone.

I remember finding them, and seeing some of their art quite a long while ago now that appears to be removed now. They have done a lot of nazi art, and nazi inspired artworks.

Anyway, was kinda inspired by their artworks. But yeah, they do go a LOT further that I am comfortable doing. At the same time, those artworks are a good example of what this piece is about.

This artwork is mostly related to all of these false calls of 'nazi' lately. Especially in the wake of the latest events.

That, for some reason, it seems to be horrible to depict one group, but perfectly acceptable to depict, and even openly support other groups that have, in the grand scheme of things, caused more damage, death and destruction.

Am I a nazi because of making this piece here? I definitely don't think so.

I don't particularly care for uniforms, but understand that some others have it as a fetish. Calling those who enjoy uniforms, even if they come from a horrible regime, a nazi or something along those lines is very flawed reasoning. That would be similar to saying that everyone who does pet play is a zoophile. Or anyone who does something fictional for their own fun, that they are that fictional thing and they believe they like that fictional thing in real life.

People are complicated, and people often do draw a line in where things start and end.

This flawed reasoning is why this piece was created.

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