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CHARGER into battle by Mr_Zelox_Quo

CHARGER into battle


This is a bit of a combination piece.

First of all, haven't drawn in a very long time. And am really needing to get hand back into things.

Secondly, have never drawn a vehicle before, and have wanted to try one for a while. This happens to be a type of vehicle (American muscle) that I rather enjoy and like. Sure, they might not be able to turn, but in a straight line they are rather fantastic... other than having the aerodynamics of a brick. And, unfortunately kinda screwed up the front wheel. Need to get hand back in more, yeesh.

Thirdly, all of the 'punch a nazi' artworks, and all of the journals and things that have been going on stating that ONLY ONE GROUP is horrible and needs to be removed. Not other groups that share similar mindsets, not other ideologies that are more dangerous and have killed far more. No no. Just one. One is evil, and anyone who has ever gotten or done any art of them dressed as this 'greatest of evil' ones, is also evil and needs to be removed. So, wanted to draw me in uniform. Nothing too interesting, and far enough away that it is almost impossible to tell what kind of uniform it is. Heh.

Finally, really liked the flag I made, and wanted an excuse to draw it again. So it is there on the bonnet.

Created using watercolour pencils, some ink pens and white paint.

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