In memory of Gene Catlow by Mr_Zelox_Quo

In memory of Gene Catlow


13 August 2017 at 10:34:10 MDT

Some of you may know this, most of you will not.

:icongenecatlow: was my mentor. Or at least, I saw him as one.

When I first found the subculture of furry back in 2000 I stumbled around blindly for a while. Bouncing from place to place.

Eventually, I reached out to Gene Catlow.

He reached back.

He constantly encouraged me to create, to be artistic, to think. He, and the whole three cats one mouse team would be the primary commenters on my uploads. Always being supportive. Always putting forward something interesting or useful to think on.

Gene, in that time of first reaching out to him, he encouraged me. Slowly. Over time. Got me to start making artworks that were important to me. That mattered to me. He would encourage. Help. Offer assistance and time.

He, essentially, is the reason that I am here at all. That I turned out the way that I did. That I make art like this and the other pieces that I do.

He meant so much, and still does, to me.

He also, recently passed away. A few months ago now.

With his passing, I believe that we will no longer hear anything from the three cats one mouse team, extended family and several extended friends.

Gene was the glue that held them all together.

I know for me it took quite a while to get back into making art after his passing. And for them, considering how... integral... he was to the whole team. I do not think that any of them will return.

He, and the team, family and friends. Were all wonderful people. They all helped me. He and Shirlee Mouse especially. She was always there for me.

He will be missed. Deeply.

He had a great impact. And was, and is, valued still.

The bottom of the artwork contains some quotes from Gene that he has said to me on various uploads. Take them, think on them, if they inspire you as they do me. Use them. He would have wanted for artwork to be created, and for people to continue on without him.

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    I offer a moment of silence...

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      Thank you. He was a wonderful and very great individual.

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        His comic was one of the first I discovered shortly after my first computer gave me access to the web. About seventeen years ago, now. Didn't know he was five years older than me... should of had many more years to go.

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          Yeah, his comic was one of the early ones I found after discovering the subculture in 2000.
          He should have had many more years to go. But. Unfortunately, such is life at times.

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            Indeed. My grandfather died in 1977 at the age of 61, shortly before Star Wars came to theaters. I was only 15 at the time. Yes, such is life.