Bun Boi by Mr. Shigglesworth (critique requested)

Bun Boi (critique requested)

Mr. Shigglesworth

21 September 2018 at 18:21:55 MDT

Drawnd the sona of the boy I’m dating irl. He cute af.

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    This defs looks and matches what someone in Colorado would look like that that classy hair. This must have been a work out forming and then getting a raw paint layer on. I find that this reminds me of a hare more then a bunny rabbit, the strong long ears and toned face.

    Really for such an image everything is toned out p well and rad. I kind of wish maybe you added some whiskers to those firm cheeks on that shout and I'm curious why you angled this in such a way. almost like this character came out of this world, glowing Miami lights behind him.

    Now for some praise, I REALLY like the eyes, they are the full storm and sun of the character, they show such kindness but also define the pose of the body. Patient...but also noble. Even the though the painting is in rough layers it adds a sort of basic warmth to it all. I feel a bit more could be done for that nice hair, i'm surprised you also used the painting to create the themes of lighting and shadows effects.

    Bad things: I wish there was more to this because it does bring a smile to my face, there is such power in the way you breathed into the head, made its soul a person you know personally. there is joy here, and I wish I maybe it would be fitting to see your character in the frame with him, maybe like a photograph, people in a moment of time that means something. I also feed a bit more could have been done with the Bg, I kind of get the feeling his back is to the sky , like right up into the sky. I feel maybe some nature would bring out a bit more, clouds? Im not sure.

    But this is pretty dandy smashing I have to say. Sketchy rough lines to the end dude.