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Zoo Studies by Mr. Shigglesworth (critique requested)

Zoo Studies (critique requested)

Mr. Shigglesworth

Just some little sketches of a couple animals done on a zoo trip earlier this week, done with a new watercolor sketchbox set. Which is a pretty neat thing, I gotta say. I don't remember the last time I ever worked with watercolors.

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    That lizard is awesome!

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      He's definitely my favorite of the group. It was really fun rendering the yellow-green color and splotchy scales.

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    Rust like kisses of water colors really bring out the quality of the speed you spend on this. I think this is fine, cant really compare it to anything else as you havent uploaded your other hit and run attack on zoo titan works have yah?

    Keep at it, the cotton sketches are nice. Let them grow!

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      I think this is the first thing I've uploaded that was drawn at the zoo, yes. It's a really fun experience, so I oughta be having more pieces like this in the future.

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    Really nice watercolor work! I could never quite figure them out, myself.

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      I was completely winging it, of course. I dunno, they felt way easier to use than I remember.