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Thing by Mr. Shigglesworth (critique requested)

Thing (critique requested)

Mr. Shigglesworth

24 May 2016 at 12:30:13 MDT

So, having won a free request from my friend malesciadragon over at Tumblr, I decided to sketch out this character a little bit to help 'em with a reference for my piece.

As I've implied before, I'm worried I'm getting a little too attached to Brynn, being an abstract conceptual personality manifested as an anthropomorphic character, but still. I'm making up for it by having horrible things happen to her in her story. Mwa-hah-hah.

Ballpoint pen on sketch paper.

Link to post on tumblr:


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    Hoo, she looks like one tough cookie! I do wonder about those horrible things that happen to her that you mentioned, though :0 But nice sketching, I really like the method of shading you used.

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      Thank you. Ballpoint pen drawing is really an underrated art form.