Tori & Frisk by Mr. Shigglesworth (critique requested)

Tori & Frisk (critique requested)

Mr. Shigglesworth

25 February 2016 at 21:45:09 MST

I should be working on requests and schoolwork... but all I wanna do is draw fanart.

So, here's a parody of a pretty neato comic strip with characters from a kinda cool video game. It was really fun drawing that grass and stuff. Man, I'm not very good with descriptions.

Prismacolor felt-tip pens and Copic markers on white marker paper.

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    clever i like it

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    Downhill wagon rides through the ruins!

    This is so adorable :D

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    Love it ^.^

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    Looks like this had some inspiration from Calvin & Hobbes! Looks pretty good!

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      statement of the obvious just noticed it in the tags. xD

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    Calvin and Hobbes was the best comic strip. We have a whole load of the strip's collection books at my house, and we've probably gone through them all about 4 or 5 times. Great job on this piece!

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      Thank you! C&H has always been a favorite of mine. Along with Tintin, it's one of the reasons I started reading comics in the first place!