Floating in the rain (3DS) by MrPoloMan

Floating in the rain (3DS)


3 May 2013 at 22:53:01 MDT

Made since 2011

Description as of 2011

"It was raining very hard one cool early morning (not in RL fyi), when some of the raindrops surround me and start building up onto my body. It formed a water bubble around me as It suddenly lifts me off my feet, riding the water bubble like I would on a balloon. It felt refreshing to feel the coolness of the breeze brushing my face, the rain and water falling onto me. I was floating above a city, just out of sight of the people below, many of which are still in bed.

I enjoyed the rest of the ride on my giant raindrop, sipping some water whenever I'm thirsty while more raindrops add to the magical bubble. Hugging the giant raindrop causes the ride to stop in the air momentarily to hug me back, as if the water had a mind of it's own. I continue the morning riding into foggy blue mists,

swimming in the sky,

floating in the rain."