Mint-Ice-cream bubble TF (3DS) by MrPoloMan

Mint-Ice-cream bubble TF (3DS)


2 May 2013 at 01:01:01 MDT

Made since 2011

Description as of 2011

huh. I bought a pack of Mint-Ice-cream flavored bubble gum from some store, that sold cheap magic trick items. Apparently this bubble gum was part of their magical items, because when I started chewing the gum, I started to feel like I was gulping down juice.

To my amazement, my body was turning into green bubbles, each bigger than the bubble above. The gum was magically filling my bubbles with a cool, refreshing juice that tasted just like Mint-Ice cream.

My bubbles began to stretch so much, that they turned into segments, like a caterpillar. Even with the bubbles filled with the delicious juice to a never-ending size, I began to float off the ground, like the laws of gravity didn't matter anymore (in fact, the bubbles are the ones that allow floating, when the juices inside are pounds worth of weight). Soon, I realized that I was able to float to wherever I wanted to go!

After about 15 minuets of this delicious transformation, one of my bubbles detached from me, as the other bubbles merged into a single segment again. Someone from below grabbed one of my lightweight juicy bubbles, and began drinking the juice by gulping down the bubble, whole! When he began to drink my detached bubble, I suddenly felt so much pleasure flowing through my bubbly body. I started to share what he was tasting from my bubble... When he felt the cool sensation of the juice, I did too! Every gulp of the bubble he was drinking made me course with delight. I feel pleasure in others drinking my juice!

I grew segments non-stop, and I couldn't help it. I now looked like a giant green caterpillar flowing with juices that expand, grow, and multiply. I soon realized what I had to do. I had to float around and give everyone my bubbles of Mint-Ice-cream juice, because it always feels Soooo good to share with others.