the Balloon Suit by MrPoloMan

the Balloon Suit


26 April 2013 at 21:33:26 MDT

Made since 2010

Description as of 2010

A suit that covers the entire body (except for the head), and fits all sizes. It starts out as a balloon, but when someone comes across a balloon that is really the suit, it then consumes the person like jelly and slowly shifts into position over the body. This also shows a cycle of how it works.

the first picture shows that the person just got it on, noticing that his arms and legs are bound to each other. then the suit inflates and expands where the top half of the wearer is, as the person bulges into the air, feeling the satisfaction every seoncd. then the suit bubbles up to the lower half of the wearer's body, hiding where his legs were origonally. (this next part applys only to characters with a tail) soon enough, the suit then balloons where the wearer's tail is, providing a bouncy seat while the wearer is still bound to the suit.

the cycle continues and continues as long as the wearer wants it still going. Great fun for anyone who finds the balloon!