The Latex Wishing Pool by MrPoloMan

The Latex Wishing Pool


26 April 2013 at 21:21:24 MDT

Made since 2010

Description as of 2010

(This is what I get if left alone with a 0.5 mechanical pencil, a piece of blank paper, and 2 hours of drawing.)

There was apparently a warm Latex pool in the middle of nowhere which had the ability to grant any wish to whom ever jumped into it. So he thought "why not", and took a running leap into the shifting pool. he was then completely enveloped in liquid latex from the inside-out as the surface slowly incases him in. wait... what did he wish for again?

oh yeah, he wished to turn into the magic Latex wishing pool himself. He then felt the tingling sensation of TF'ing when the surface was forming a large latex bubble, growing bigger and bigger when soon... He shot out with his body completely made of liquid latex, and he was enjoying himself trying out his abilities. to be able to regenerate Latex, to fly around, and to be able to teleport to one place to another was great!

He soon set out to go where ever he wanted to go, trying to find other people to cover and fill up with the gooey Latex, and to grant their wishes at the same time.

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