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Bubble-house Curse by MrPoloMan

Bubble-house Curse


Made since 2015

Description as of 2015:

A haunted yet mysteriously well-maintained mansion was dubbed the title: "the Bubble house", known for its knack of leaving visitors 'bloated' after their stay.

Newcomers must beware of the mansion's delayed trap once they step in through the giant double doors; for when a traveler exceeds around 20 minutes of their stay, the mansion casts a spell on him or her, turning their body into living balloons, along with a growing bubble forming inside! The warnings signs of the bubble's expansion is subtle and slow, but when the visitor starts to notice something isn't quite right, its pace quickens.

To end their spell, they must exit the mansions giant double doors before the bubble fills them to immobility of sheir size or becoming unable to exit the front door, if size doesn't slow them.
Its normal for one to expel some of the bubbles within them to reduce their own size, however this comes with a drawback. The participant returns to smaller size, but becomes more malleable, rubbery, cartoonishly stretchy, and sensitive the bigger the bubbles they expel out. This can, in turn weaken their strength as everything seems to sink into them like quicksand.

This goal may be simple for some, but for those who love anything inflatable, it can be difficult.

If the guest does manage to escape outside, they are only left with their current bloated state for a few hours until they deflate back to their original size and form. However if the guest fails to escape and fill-up any mansion room full with their growing balloon body, the mansion then curses the individual to become a giant bubble of the mansion, lost in love for anything that balloons infinitely bigger. These unfortunate guests roam the mansion, floating through rooms, corridors, and even the mansion walls and floors in order to slow down or convince other unlikely guests to 'extended' their visit.

Note: rumors say that this only lasts for about a month, depending on the cursed-bubble's performance.

Now its a race against the clock to get out of the mansion, before either they become too big to exit or grow too malleable to push doors open on their own.

Will you brave the mansion to tell the tale, or will subsume to "the Bubble-house Curse"?