Trying to learn to draw by MrMandolino

Trying to learn to draw


6 March 2016 at 16:22:40 MST

See title. I always try and give up, so I decided to see if a toonier style would make it happen. It kinda did? I mean it doesn't look bad, though it's definitely nothing special, and it's miles ahead from more realistic stuff I tried in the past cringes

I'll try to fix those ears.

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    maaaybee move the eyes a bit further apart too? or, make them bigger. it may help the visual a little bit, otherwise it looks pretty good :D like, even the ears don't look bad :>

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      Thanks, I'mma fix that stoopid face :>I also think arms should be a little longer, hmmm

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        Mm the arm furthest looks shortest because you can see where it comes down in comparison. You could probably get away with fixing the one and ignoring the top for now.

        Also buns don't have pawpads.
        Just an important piece of info you should keep in mind for this particular character, xD if you need help figuring out what to do in place of the pads let me know and i can give you an alternative

        Good luck! And you can always ask me for info or critiques :D

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          Buns have pawpads in my universe okay pawpads are cool okay this is a pawpad/bunny hybrid okay

          (I know they don't)

          still want them :V

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    Not bad, dude.