Chimera Rising - Underground Lab Level by MrMandolino

Chimera Rising - Underground Lab Level


28 July 2015 at 13:17:13 MDT

(copypasted from FA. I'm still uploading all my stuff that's spread around the web and/or in my pc)

So, I've been convinced I should dabble in pixel art more (you guys are awesome and I love every single one of you). This is a screenshot of the adventure game I'm working on, called Chimera Rising. It's still alpha, so expect things to change, but overall this is the look I'm going with - maybe a bit of a darker shading? I'm not sure, I have a thing for this kind of high-contrast pixel art.

Main character is Dwale, that beautiful cabbolf who so kindly allowed me to use its likeness. You rock.

Anyway, this is the early part of the story where Dwale discovers the existence of another chimera lab, and goes to investigate a little too late. The new experimental model has already escaped, and all that's left to do is pick up the pieces and start tracking it down. It's an adventure game, but I'm going for something more action-oriented than the usual - still, dialogue and character development will play an important part.

I might or might not be joking.

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    Seems like the escape was messy.

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      You know how it goes, first thing you have to do when you wake up is find some coffee.

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        Be ware uncaffeinated cabbolfs ;)