Hello and welcome! It seems you've stumbled upon my userpage.

If art involving fatness, inflation, Pokemon, Mario or et cetera suit your fancy than you might like it here. If you're unsure about it, then feel free to look around my gallery to check out if my art interests ya or not. And if ya don't like it, then that's okay 'cause I know everyone has different tastes and what not.

Offline, I'm currently a part-time school janitor, so if I'm not busy with other things, I'm usually either lazing around, drawing, chatting with people, and other things.

Speaking of chatting, if ya ever feel the need to chat with me, feel free to ask about 'em by noting. Although, keep in mind of a couple things:
1. I'm usually shy when I start chatting with people I've never chatted with before, so it might be hard to open up or start a conversation with you. But once I get comfortable with ya, things get friendlier from there I assure you.
2. I do roleplay, but I'm not always in the mood for it. And don't let this be the sole reason why you wanna talk 'cause I like doing more than just roleplaying. Wanna know if I'm up for it or not? Just simply ask. Worst case scenario would be me saying no, unless you pressure me then we'll have problems.

Right, I believe that's everything I have to say. Hope you like my page. Enjoy. =3

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Update! (Life/Where To Find Me/Other Things)

on 27 September 2016 at 19:08:49 MDT

Hey, everyone. How's it been going? Hope everything's been going for you guys. Sorry I haven't been very talkative or anything. I'm not dead or anything, I've just been doing other thing other than art and stuff. =P

But yeah, I figured I'd give you guys an update on how things have been lately and such since I figured I'm rather due for an update or something, so here we go! :)

Okay, so well, in terms of how things have been going, life's been going pretty alright for the most part I believe. Just getting myself back into motion with my janitor job shifting from summer times to regular times. Really, the only issue at the moment is money as it's getting to around the time where I'm gonna have to do all I can to make sure I have enough money to make it past the next couple of months. But I think I'll be able to manage.

Alright, so if any of you aren't too aware, there are other places where you can find me if you ever wanna know where I am just in case something happens to this site or whatever so here's a list of websites I'm on:

Furry Network:
Youtube: (Don't have much on here)

Alright...think that about covers that part.

Alright, I believe the last thing I have to cover is that in the future, I might plan on opening requests again at a certain point. Still trying to figure out what to do exactly, but I think once I'm able to come to a clear idea, I'll announce what'll go down. The basic gist of it so far is that it's gonna be a first come/first serve sort of thing, but you can only request something once for every time I open requests or something like that probably. And I'll probably give like a warning ahead of time and sorts so that people can have to time to prepare and everything.

But yeah, that's basically all I planned so far. Lemme know what you guys think and everything. Enjoy yourselves and don't be a stranger!

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