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Huggles Reference Sheet by Mr.Huggles

Huggles Reference Sheet


9 February 2014 at 01:35:38 MST

An awesome reference sheet done by Alishka.
Many hugs and snuggles and such go out to her for the amazing job and dedication to it.^^

Here's some info concerning my character/fursona (i will update it as i think of more things about the character). The Character, Huggles, is mostly based off my inner and true self.

Species: Iriomote Wild Cat
Appearance: Anthropomorphic (humanoid)
Age: around 17 years
Height: around 5 feet, 10 inches
Build: average but slightly thin around stomach (has untoned muscle definition under fur).
Weight: around 160 Lbs.

• A casual introvert who is relatively reclusive.
• Is frisky and playful around people he likes a lot. =^w^=
• Enjoys reading, playing video games, practicing martial arts, meditating, and watching television.
• Often seen as having a neutral complexion or not being very emotional (when relaxed).
• Is secretly hiding some feminine emotions and desires.
• Is very shy around people he likes and becomes very nervous around girls he likes.
• Is very independent but secretly desires a caring companion.
• Can be very playful, energetic, and childish at times.
• Loves sleeping in and staying up late at night.
• Doesn’t mind the cold too much and enjoys staying cool.
• Prefers to be barefoot.

Unique Features:
• Has prominently sizable feline fangs (the K9 teeth) that are clearly visible when laughing or giving a toothy smile.
• Can transform into an actual Iriomote cat.
• Cloths do not disappear when transforming into a cat (why often seen not wearing cloths).

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