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Midsummer chase -- the fertility rite by M-ree

Midsummer chase -- the fertility rite



10 slots (5 girls, 5 boys), $15 each. Details below.

Ok, folks... I commissioned the May day celebrations picture from FireTally @FA, but when I mentioned /this/ idea to Jaxedge @FA and we were discussing it, I decided that I want to try drawing this one myself.

As you might know, I am a pagan and a shaman, and traditions/rites of old are one of the things which make me tick. So here, it is the old Midsummer fertility rite in a lot of Eastern European lands... Unmarried people of age played chase in a grove. Girls had a lead to run and hide, and then the boys went out hunting. Having sex with those they caught. (And, in some traditions, marrying them afterwards.)

Here you see the scamp for the picture idea. I am going to draw five pairs of people. Maybe more, but the rest would be tiny somewhere in the back of the picture, so there will only be ten slots I am offering for full quality.

And the quality will be similar to these:

The background will be referenced from the photos you see at the top.

How it is gonna work?

There will be ten slots, five male, five female. If I get permission from my Mistress, I will take one of the slots myself.

The slots offered are NOT specific, but only for gender. To keep the spirit of the ritual, which slot you would end up in will be randomized. I am offering the following caveat, though:

When you claim a slot, you may also place the positions you prefer in descending order. Example:

$15 (25413)


Minimum bid for each slot will be $15. Complex characters (markings/extra limbs) would cost more. If unsure, ask.

On June 1st, I will select highest bids (the offer is also on FA) and randomly choose in which order to place them into the scene according to displayed preferences. If preferences are not indicated, the character will be placed randomly, not moved down the queue.

Anthro males and females only. Sorry folks, nothing personal, but having mixed genders would go contrary to the spirit of the rite -- boys catching girls.

Estimated end of offer: June 1st

Estimated completion: Summer Solstice to early July.

The placement of pairs is NOT guaranteed to be as on this picture. They might be moved around and resized as appropriate for the perspective.

That said, each of these five pairs will still also be shown "zoomed in" much like the following:

In addition, I am offering a kind of a promotion on FA. If you spread the word, link your journal pimping this offer and your reference in the <RAFFLE> section there, you'll have a chance to be placed as one of 2 to 4 additional smaller figures further into the picture. These are subject to same rules, except I won't draw detailed markings and they likely won't have full-size versions. But then they are free :)

The FA link is

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