Distraction by Mrduhast



27 March 2015 at 07:57:39 MDT

Evay was being chased by a rather amorous lioness so the lynx thought she'd take cover with Agent Mojo. Having seen in the papers the Lynx's good contributions and noble heroic deeds around the city, Mojo had no problem wanting to help the unregistered heroine.

Tox found Evay sooner or later though and confronts the hound protecting the lynx. At first Evay was hiding, not wanting to go near Tox and her amorous mood for today...but she soon realized that Mojo had a rather unique effect over Tox, a certain charm and style that the lioness quickly decided she liked. Now unable to keep her lioness hands off Mojo's cravat, the cyber-lynx struggles trying to keep Mojo safe from the horny lioness.

"Mojo is it? You're not trying to distract me are you?"

"Are you distracted baby?"

"Well maybe a little," grinned Tox, playing with Mojo's cravat.

"DON'T DO IT...SHE'S EVIL!" Screamed Evay. tugging at the lioness's tail.

art by the amazing   bluwolf0
mojo is owned my   mojorover

Evay and Tox are mine