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Evay Joins the Fray in Colmaton by Mrduhast

Evay Joins the Fray in Colmaton


Phantom had taken quite a beating and with the poisonous lioness standing over him, claws unsheathed and dripping venom, it seemed that...

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SEXY REXY YOU TOXIC BITCH!" screams the furious Cyber-Lynx

This incredible piece done by   mlock Isin't it awesome. A massive brawl where I imagine it is in Colmaton.
Cyber-Lynx (Evay) and Toxicity is owned by me
War Wolf and Violetta owned by   vivavulpes
Phantom owned by   leafthornton
Miracle with the awesome staff-whip owned by   sam-gwosdz
  TRAIN owner of the Colmaton universe