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Evay goes undercover with secret agent Mojo by Mrduhast

Evay goes undercover with secret agent Mojo


Evay was available and even better, willing to go undercover as Agent Mojo's arm candy. Her main purpose was distraction and observation for Mojo in a deep undercover operation in infiltrating a gang's hideout within one of Colmaton's biggest casinos. Mojo thought it best Evay turn her lynx hide into a bouncing bunny butt and though he should be doing his spy duties, can't help but raise a toast to Evay's dedication for the mission.

Looks like   Mojorover Mojorover is happy to raise a glass to ass with class.
My Cyber-Lynx is disguised as a playboy bunny and I think she is having fun, though seems a little pre-occupied trying to get Mojo back on track. He'd say "For the mission Baby!, very shagadelic yeah!"

Art by the wonderful   foxenawolf

This has to be a proper story someday, I love Mojo's character a lot and so does my girlfriend Yelleena.