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War Wolf is not impressed with twitterpated Cyber-Lynxes by Mrduhast

War Wolf is not impressed with twitterpated Cyber-Lynxes


Where once steelight was used to strike the cyber-lynx, it now plays to the amusement of the cybernetic enhanced feline. Here Spectra took the opportunity to amuse her new friend and Evay is all too happy to accept Spectra's light show in the form of a round glowing sphere of steelight conjured in her paw. Evay is nervous meeting so many heroines of Colmaton but Spectra is a good friend, taking advantage to fit in a joke with Evay's quote "I just want to live my life, make friends and have a ball.” Next thing Evay knows, Spectra has given her a ball to play with, when she should be concentrating on War Wolf's special training. The wolfess doesn't look impressed.

This is my cover art for my upcoming story called, Evay joins Training day. Evay will meet an assortment of heroines.

This wonderful art brought to you by   bluwolf0 who does beautiful pictures of War Wolf and Spectra. She did a great job with Evay.

War Wolf and Spectra are characters owned by   vivavulpes Thanks for letting me star Evay with your characters. I'm having a blast interacting with them. Evay would fear the frown if only she was aware one was glued to the back of her head right now.

What to read Evay's adventures? You can start here with my original version
Or the Colmaton version

Colmaton universe is owned by   TRAIN

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