Mr. Dubcat's Art Summary of 2017! by Mr. Dubcat

Mr. Dubcat's Art Summary of 2017!

Mr. Dubcat

31 December 2017 at 23:24:16 MST

It's finally here, after a whole another year of art, it's time for the art summary of 2017!

Before submitting this, I did a deviation count to see how many submissions I've done and have concluded that 61 deviations were submitted to both here and my dA page in 2017! While that the lowest number in terms of artworks posted so far, (2013 takes first place with a record 294 deviations! (*^▽^)/) improvement in quality is made up for that, and man, were there lots of great art pieces!

If you would like to see the full pictures as shown in their respected months, the links are below!

Jan: Saga Doodles

Feb: REQUEST: Borgri the Pangolin

Mar: Crisis

Apr: Gale the Sergal 2.0

May: GIFT: Zack Doodles

Jun: N/A

Jul: REQUEST: Wolle and Francesca

Aug: (CONTEST ENTRY) Meeting of the Bizarros

Sep: The End of Summer And The Cold Beginning of Fall

Oct: GIFT: Neonsona

Nov: Goretober #23- Nosebleed/Minor Injury

Dec: Goretober #26- Crushed

2017 was a jam-packed year, with new friends that I've met, new experiences, and fantastic artworks! I hope for 2018 to be with more improved artwork and new friends! and to all of you out there...

Have a Happy New Year!

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    Throughout most of the year, you've still managed to draw such cute characters. X3
    Keep it up... and Happy Newyears! <3

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      Thank you so much!

      Remember to keeping watching, because more cute characters will be coming!