Twist's Blast From The Cringe 7- Creepy Edgy Twist by Mr. Dubcat

Twist's Blast From The Cringe 7- Creepy Edgy Twist

Mr. Dubcat

11 April 2017 at 23:08:34 MDT

It was Spring of 2014, the dark ages of GToons, a time of artistic frustration, jealousy and low self-esteem. As I continued to struggle in coming up with ideas, something evil was brewing in our mind...

Around that time, I discovered creepypasta, and I was caught in its grip. Keep in mind that I was 14 at the time, so reading any creepypastas that I can find were terrifying and nightmare fuel to me, but I couldn't stop. My favorite were the "Lost Episode" creepypastas, based around an episode of a popular tv show never airing and for good reason, as they contained disturbing imagery and if aired, those who are unfortunate enough to see will be traumatized and even commit suicide. Now, I know everyone will agree with me when I say that these type of creepypastas are tirelessly full of cliches and have the same theme one after another.

With reading all these creepypastas and being scared by them, it's no surprise when I actually turned Twist into a creepypasta character! Yep, up there is Twist, my edgy creepypasta OC, this design was meant to accompany, and BELIEVE me when I say, a creepypasta story about this unique Twist design. Obviously, it never happened but a few weeks ago, I found a portion of the failed creepypasta and reading it, I was surprised. Here is the portion.

"Hello. My name is Gabriel Perez. I am a handsome, super rad, and very smart, having all A+ pluses on my report card for the past 12 years. That what I would say until I saw that damn file. It all started one Friday in April, after receiving my 16-week grade with all A's at school, I was excited for the weekend with no homework, so to celebrate, I turned on my computer to play some Sudoku when I received an email with a video link attached to it. I clicked it and was rerouted to a video titled:"


"Now, I was chuckling as to why would any retard name would write two FUCKING file formats in the title, then the video started. A cartoon character with closed eyes stood there, he had a strangely appealing hairstyle, like a shark fin, with two colors on each side, purple and orange. Suddenly, his eyes opened and a loud thud blurted and obliterated my headphones, but thankfully not my ears, so I able to hear the howling wind in the video. I watched his eyes. Oh god, his eyes. They weren't cartoony eyes, they were hyper-realistic as if those of a human, he kept staring at me for 20 seconds until he launched at me and the video ended. I stood there in complete silence in the dark, I was traumatized. After my terrible weekend thinking about it, my grades fell, I was afraid of sleeping because of disturbing nightmares about the video, I having developing anxiety and paranoia and was overall an entirely different person. It was all because of that damn video..."

Like I said. I was surprised. This isn't a portion, but an entire damn creepypasta. Anyway, this is the finale of "Twist's Cringe from the Blast" 7-Day Cringe Challenge. I hope you hated it, I know I did.

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    oh wow, now this is a rare treat
    I never got into creepy pasta but I think you hit all the buttons my dude
    it's been interesting, it seems you had a lot of changes in that time! The process is almost as interesting as the result sometimes, in my opinion.