Into the Canyonlands- DAY 1 by Mr. Dubcat

Into the Canyonlands- DAY 1

Mr. Dubcat

28 June 2016 at 22:25:15 MDT


ME!... from 8 days ago. But now I'm back to deviantART! I have to say- this trip was amazing, scenery and all, so for the next few days, I'm hoping to post a new picture, along with a short summary of a day during the trip.

6/17/16- Beginning/Bryce Nat'l Park- Day 1

It's Friday night. The bags are packed, the food is moved to the icebox, and the car waits to begin its journey. Everyone has gone asleep EXCEPT FOR ME. Stressed by my backpack and the trip, as well of watching a scary video a few hours prior, I anxietied myself to insomnia and probably only slept 30 mins to an hour. Ring ring- it's 1:30, It's time to travel onto the journey!


Now the morning was actually pleasant. ONLY THE MORNING. But when the sun rose, my body suddenly zonked out, it was a torturous 6 hours, i couldn't nap or else I get disturbing insta-dreams, I kept getting flashbacks of that video I watched, and there was no internet between Arizona and Utah. but hey! We're in the first part of our trip, Bryce National Park! It was a great introduction to the canyon filled state of Utah, despite the blanket of exhaustion that covered my body, heck we even went a second time at night to see the starry night! ...Which we didn't see, only a dark parking lot with howling trees. After driving back to our hotel, I immediately went to my bed and then came sleep.

Sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

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