First time with hammer by Mozame Mogki (critique requested)

First time with hammer (critique requested)

Mozame Mogki

1 October 2013 at 18:07:09 MDT

I got intrested in map makeing with hammer for the source engine the other day and after a day with it this is my first bit of a map.

If you got any pointers or want the map just poke me

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    That looks really good, lots of detail, great job~

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    I'm unfamiliar with Hammer, but this looks great. :)
    And first time too, wow!

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      Oh why thank you, hammer was a tool made for mapping maps in an old game engine called source

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    Gosh, I still need to get into Hammer Editor, but at the moment, I like the time. Seems you're doing well enough with it at least. (I assume this was done in the CS:GO SDK?)

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      Yup my cousin thought it would be a fun little thing to do try to learn some basics of the hammer editor it was fun thinking about how to do everything but quickly learned how basic and old hammer really is at this point