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026 Raichu by MouseBoxers

026 Raichu


9 August 2015 at 00:32:22 MDT

My favorite of the first gen! I wanted to do something special and experimental for it. I'll probably be doing more like this for a while.

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    Best mon

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    My absolute favorite. And it looks awesome! I hope he gets a really cool mega evo....

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      Yeah I always hoped when they originally revealed mega evolutions Raichu would've been one of the firsts to get one, it would've made sense seeing as its pre-evolved form, Pikachu, is essentially the face of the Pokemon brandname.

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        That's what I was expecting, too. Super sad that it wasn't there; raichu is really underrated in the Pokemon fandom, and even the card game. It always has low HP, and its most powerful attacks always have the worst consequences (IE, the XY Raichu's Thunderbolt, 3 energy, Discard all energy attached for 100 damage [this actually is pretty good, since they usually only give him like 80]).. When it takes 3 energy to even use it, with the low HP, that seriously sucks. Flip side of that is Charizard, which always has triple digit HP, and an OP attack with minimal consequence (XY;s EX card, 120 damage, discard 1 energy). Honestly, all evos that only have Stage 1 evolutions need to be updated and given better stats. Though, when you think about it, Raichu is TECHNICALLY a stage 2, counting in Pichu as the basic/baby form. Anyway, this is me jabbering on. I'll stop now. XD