One Night in the Mojave...

...the Coyote spun and he smiled,
his bright eyes glittered with glee;

"We all here are dying of madness!
"It's a laughing disease don't you see.

"So spend not your hours in sadness,
"but get up and dance now with me!"

Random Recommendations

Blindsight - an excellent story about first-contact with an extraterrestrial that turns out to be far more alien than anyone could have predicted. Peter Watts really shows his work in this one, I cannot recommend it enough.

BLIT - a brief thriller about fractal algorithms that can damage the human mind: images that can kill. Tremendously inspiring.

Schlock Mercenary - an intelligent and humorous science-fiction space opera following the adventures of a band of mercenaries and the eponymous, nearly-indestructible Sergeant Schlock. Schlock Mercenary does an excellent job of treating even fantastical technologies with consistent thoughtfulness.

Seedware - alternately inspiring and horrifying, but always creative. This blog by Steven Wallace is an excellent repository of short fiction prompts and ideas concerning transhumanism, science fiction, fantasy, and existential horror.


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      You have a lovely art style.

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        Thanks. Lately I've been finding it harder and harder to find the time to write about anything, but I do have some things I'm planning to post essays about in the near future.

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