Elementals: OCEAN by MothMonarch

Elementals: OCEAN


14 October 2020 at 16:27:56 MDT

From the Elemental commission series: fireboy224 as an OCEAN Elemental!

There's freedom and flow beneath the waves rarely found elsewhere. The sea holds color and life still largely mysterious to the lands above, worthy of respect and protection though sadly neglected too often in our time. This is the realm of the Ocean Elemental - a being not just in harmony with water, but with the life and power within it as well. Each little fish is a gem among the endless waves to her; from the surface to the dark depths, her world brims with diverse participants in the cycle of existence. She delights in what still thrives and strives to protect what is threatened. Here, she is joyous, but the changing moods of the sea are famous for a reason.

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    friggin gorgeous eeee

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    This is beautiful πŸ’™