Blast Radius: New Game+ Cover for Pepper Coyote by MothMonarch

Blast Radius: New Game+ Cover for Pepper Coyote


17 April 2020 at 05:06:34 MDT

I was recently hired by Pepper Coyote to create wraparound cover album art and do design work (layout and text) for his latest album, Blast Radius: New Game+! This is the full cover artwork, which was formatted for CDs & 12″ vinyl with an adaptation made for cassette J-cards. I also created an entirely separate, old-school black and white design for 7″ LPs.

Blast Radius: New Game+ is an entirely rerecorded take on the original album, Blast Radius, with additional songs and real instruments and cool art on it (the inside is by cheetahpaws!) You can check it out on Pepper's Bandcamp and see additional pictures of how the CD case and cassette turned out right now, or get it digital if you don't need any more Stuff. The sound is fun and campy and there's innuendo to straight up to explicit references (this is the one the horse song comes from, after all) so these tunes are strictly for adults.

I snuck some references into this art, as is my habit, many of which should be noticeable at this size. Have fun!

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    This is awesome. Love the detail.