FE ONLINE Weekend Sale!! Details within! by MothMonarch

FE ONLINE Weekend Sale!! Details within!


19 March 2020 at 08:03:41 MDT

As many of you know, Furnal Equinox was set to take place this weekend but had to cancel because of Covid-19. I'm affected by the loss both as an artist vendor and in missing out on the time that would've been spent with friends & fun folks. So!

This weekend everything in my shop - everything I normally bring to cons, and some stuff I don't! - is 10% off with "FE-ONLINE" at checkout today through Sunday. Enamel pins, stickers, prints, charms, bandanas, you name it! Come on down to ✨ MaryCapaldi.com/shop

I AM ALSO OPENING FOR APRIL COMMISSIONS, including special Animal Crossing badges, AND I am hosting a giveaway on Twitter. Information on all of that is available right here in a short thread!

Many other artists are also doing something this weekend, including taking commissions, running sales, and streaming art. A group has put together a website listing all the dealers' specials as well as other community events being hosted like online panels, DJ sets, and more at-a-distance con fun, so check that out too!b

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