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Moth Monarch [Oracle Form] by MothMonarch

Moth Monarch [Oracle Form]


4 January 2020 at 12:00:11 MST

First project of 2020! CediFonei sponsored a badge of Moth Monarch in what I've come to call the "oracle form." This isn't a physical transformation, but a dream-state appearance of the character representing knowledge, awareness, answers, and self-realization.

This "form" first appeared in a simpler manner here & has since been developed through my love of glowy things and various symbols.

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    In this forme, they gain the psychic type and their base speed and special defense swap.

    All dumb jokes aside, I love the pseudo-symmetry of this pose and design. It took me a full minute to realize that the wings are more like a butterfly's than a moth. It's an interesting detail!

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      I mean, that wouldn't necessarily be inaccurate if this was part of a game!

      Thank you! I'm curious what you mean about "the wings are more like a butterfly's" - aside from the eyespots being in the shape of actual eyes in this variant, MM's wings typically look like this, just carried lower.

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        You're definitely right, these are very close to the wings MM always has, but something about the change in colors finally made me think about the design of the whole character. Actually, I may be making some assumptions about lepidoptera physiology please hold (elevator music)

        ...So it appears that I was an ignorant buffoon. MM has wings very obviously similar to that as a lunar moth. I guess that most moth species I have ever personally encountered were smaller sub-arctic species, so I had presumed that moths generally had simpler, triangular wings. I was super wrong about that; how delightful!

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          There's a SUPER huge variety of beautiful moths, some very colorful indeed! Moth Monarch's species, the Spanish Moon moth (Graellsia isabellae) is in the same family as luna moths, so your note of similarity is on point. Another bright species I've seen others make characters of is the Rosy Maple moth - it's pink lemonade colors, haha.