Elementals: PSYCHIC by MothMonarch

Elementals: PSYCHIC


19 June 2018 at 02:49:00 MDT

From the Elemental commission series, here we have Corey's Dave as a PSYCHIC FLUFF Elemental!

"Mind over matter" is a well-worn phrase, and yet for an Elemental like this, it has literal meaning. The inner strength and mental fortitude of the psychically empowered allows them control over their own bodies and natures as well as the physical world around them. Meditation grants them access to higher planes and foreign realms of existence altogether - places where the line we draw so distinctly between mind and matter blurs and fades away. The body and its tools are but one method by which such a powerful being can explore the universe. Looking within themselves could very well reveal more in a moment than mortal eyes could perceive in a lifetime.